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Who is eligible for Evvy Clinical Care?
Updated over a week ago

Today, providers through Evvy's care platform can only offer Clinical Care based on your Evvy test results if they:

  • can diagnose you with BV, AV, or a yeast infection*

  • believe your microbiome can benefit from medical grade probiotics

  • can diagnose you with an active STI

Clinical Care is not yet available in: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington DC, West Virginia, Armed Forces Europe / Pacific, US Virgin Islands. Make sure to check back soon — we're rolling out care to all 50 states in the next few months!

Please note that providers through Evvy's care platform may determine that a patient's Evvy results and health history are not sufficient to reach a proper diagnosis, or that the patient may require additional physical examinations prior to treatment (such as those with a history of gynecological cancer or active pregnancy). Providers will then refer the patient from Evvy's digital care platform to receive in person care and a physical examination to establish the best treatment plan. No matter what, all Evvy tests come with a custom plan of clear next steps to talk to your doctor about, as well as a free 1:1 coaching call!

As a reminder, the Evvy Vaginal Health Test does not test for STIs unless it includes the Expanded PCR Panel. Evvy is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor, your Pap smear, or regular OB-GYN visits.

*Note: BV, AV, and/or yeast infections can be treated by Evvy Clinical Care if these infections are caused by microbes that are susceptible to the treatments we currently offer.

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