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How can I update my Evvy Test membership?

Move your next test shipment date, update your shipping or billing info

Updated over a week ago

We built a Membership dashboard to empower you to have full control over your Membership. To access it, just go to and click the button at the bottom that says "Access Dashboard"! You will then be taken through an identity verification step.

Once verified, you will have access to your Membership dashboard where you can move your next test date up or back, change your shipping / billing info, and more.

Don't see your membership dashboard in your Evvy account?

If you don't see your "Membership Dashboard" in your Evvy account you may have activated your Evvy test (and created your Evvy account) with a different email address than the one you used at checkout.

In order to manage your membership, you just need to update the email address on your Evvy account to match the one you checked out with (a.k.a. the email where you receive your order confirmations!). You can do so by logging into your Evvy account and clicking "Edit Email."

How do I cancel my Evvy membership?

If you want to pause your Evvy membership, you can do so by clicking "Manage Membership" in your account at To cancel, chat with us through the blue support button on the bottom right of your screen or by emailing

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